Geekery Gal Jewelery and Sass  Was founded completely by accident. Our founder, Lisa Pavia-Higel gets “summers off” from her job teaching. Since that gives her some time, she tries to learn something new every year. Not all of these have been successful.

Sewing and playing guitar ended up with ruined skirts and ear drums. But after having given her mother a rather ridiculous looking pendant for Mother’s day, she decided to take some jewelry making classes and to DIY Christmas presents for everyone (about 32 very kind, very complimentary friends and family).

Enough good feedback convinced her to use the leftovers to to make pieces to sell, and she’s been selling ever since. Lisa founded Geekery Gal Jewelry in May of 2016 on Etsy and started doing craft fairs. She lives in St. Louis, MO with her husband, Matt and little geeklet, Sofia.

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to make people feel beautiful by celebrating what they love. We also work to improve our community by donating 10% of our sales to charities.
















Meet the Geeky Crew! 




Geekmistress, maker of bling, herder of cats. She leads the geekiness around here.



Web dude, hauler of things, stamper of metal, relocator of bugs. He’s kinda awesome…and cute.